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The main features and ways of using
the software package


The innovative software package Image Media Center, developed by the Russian company «Innovative Center», allows you to perform a full cycle of work on the analysis and processing of images, remote sensing data and cartographic materials, combine them in a single geographical database, saturating it with any additional information, store and visualize all this together, at the user's choice, receiving a qualitatively new information product.

Solving problems in one
information system

A full cycle of remote sensing materials processing and the creation of vector maps (from primary processing to thematic GIS projects).

Combining all types of data in one coordinate space, recalculating geographical projections.

Orientation to complex problem solving, the ability to save the entire project in one file

Creation of databases of geographical data based on DBMS, the ability to integrate with other systems.

Development and preservation of custom algorithms for automatic remote sensing data processing.

Open architecture and the ability to expand functionality by development of additional modules.

Industry specific solutions

The IMC software system is a multifunctional solution of tasks, suitable for various industries and spheres of life.


More about IMC

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