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Image Media Center

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The innovative software package Image Meda Center, developed by the Russian company Innovative Center, allows you to perform a full cycle of work on the analysis and processing of images, Earth remote sensing data and cartographic materials, combine them in a single geographical database, saturating it with any additional information, store and visualize all this together, at the user's choice, obtaining a qualitatively new information product.
The results of processing can be used in various branches of economic activity and scientific research.
IMC allows you to reduce the time for searching and analyzing the necessary information and ensures quick and effective decision-making.
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  • Discovery, visualization, processing and preservation of raster data formats supporting geospatial information
  • Working with geographical information
  • Binding images by RPC coefficients
  • Reprojecting images from one coordinate system to another
  • Working with different color spaces (RGB, CMYK, Lab, HSL, HSB)
  • Support for images with various types of data representation, including 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit, floating-point and complex