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Change log

IMC (release 30.06.22)
  • Updated "Range selection" algorithm on the image.
  • The mechanism for closing the program has been improved, in case of refusal to save all windows without changes made (previously, confirmation of the refusal to save each document was required).
  • Updated histogram function in detail mode when working with color channels of different pixel types and ranges.
  • Updated function to update vector attribute column for data stored in arguments.
  • The functionality of saving numerical data of the (10,2) format in the attribute table of vector layers has been improved.
  • The functionality of the quality assessment module has been updated in the operator's work mode and when called through a macro.
  • The module for forming a seamless pavement (mosaic) has been improved when merging fragments of routes of a complex shape.
  • The module for saving raster data to PNG format using the transparency channel has been improved.
  • The functionality of generating and saving reports has been improved.
  • The functionality of reading and processing data has been optimized, including information on the orbit for the TerraSAR-X/TanDEM spacecraft.
  • The functionality of working with SAR data has been improved.
  • Improved mechanism for saving custom layers in IMF format.
  • Improved algorithm for working with variables in macros.
  • The algorithm for updating the list of layers after a selection has been optimized when using a SQL query.
  • Improved mechanism for waiting for processing threads to complete.
  • The modules for loading passports for this ERS of the visible and radar bands have been improved.
  • Optimized the algorithm that speeds up the export of vector data to GEOJSON.
  • Added the ability to delete selected channels in the "Color Channels" panel.
  • The functionality of mosaic stitching has been expanded with the ability to add contours in the form of complex polygons.
  • The function of reading, interpreting and visualizing level 2B data received from GoSAT has been added.
  • A module for reading and supporting data from the Condor-FKA spacecraft has been added.
  • Added new classes and methods to the program API for creating external modules.
  • Added support for local WCS coordinate systems.
  • Added notifications for the operator when working with document windows.
  • Added new functionality to the raster data comparison algorithm.
  • The functionality of the image quality assessment module has been expanded.
  • Added the ability to record the action of deleting individual vector objects in a macro.
  • Added new manuals for working with PC IMC.
  • Fixed loss of geographic projection for vector objects selected using SQL query.
  • Fixed error when reading a TIFF file written using JPEG 2000 compression.
  • Fixed a bug with converting a string written in unicode in the module for working with GEOJSON.
  • Fixed a bug with not closing the range selection dialog.
  • Fixed error writing an action to a Macro if the action was undone.
  • Fixed error when calling some SQL queries (WHERE) in macro mode.
  • Fixed an error in the page title in the vector attribute table when executing an SQL query.
  • Fixed error when accessing a document whose view window is already closed.
  • Fixed a document blocking error in the quality assessment module.
  • Fixed a possible hangup of the program when pressing the "Cancel" button.
  • Fixed error adding data source for report and legend in macro mode.
  • Fixed a bug in the feature of spatial queries for vector data.
  • Fixed a bug in the color row function.
  • Fixed critical bugs that could lead to a crash of the program.
IMC (release 06.12.21)
  • The module for forming a continuous seamless coating (mosaic) has been updated.
  • The image cataloging module has been improved, the interface has been changed.
  • The module for reading and saving JPEG 2000 files has been redesigned.
  • Updated topology checking module for vector objects.
  • The functionality of the vector layer has been updated.
  • Improved algorithm for mosaic stitching and cutline construction on complex-shaped routes when using edge trimming.
  • The module for automatic selection of image corners has been improved, including taking into account the transparency channel.
  • The algorithm for working with memory in the core of the program has been improved to ensure greater performance and safety of multi-threaded operations.
  • The module of mathematical calculations in the core of the software package has been improved.
  • Improved vector calculator functionality.
  • The algorithm for combining raster layers with different types of pixels has been improved.
  • The image transformation module has been improved.
  • Added support for compression when saving *.TIFF files (JPEG, LZW, DEFLATE), and expanded the list of supported types of compression when reading.
  • The functionality of opening passports and georeferencing images from Gaofen series optoelectronic devices has been improved and expanded.
  • The functionality for calculating RPC coefficients for a constant, including the 0th height, has been improved and moved to the interface, with the ability to save in a separate file.
  • Added new classes and methods to the program API for creating external modules.
  • Fixed errors when generating a report in the "Legend" object.
  • Fixed a bug in the module for processing materials from radar spacecraft.
  • Fixed errors in the operation progress indicator.
  • Fixed critical bugs that could lead to a crash of the program.
IMC (release 23.06.20)
  • The module of geomeasurements has been redesigned in terms of functionality and interface.
  • The module for executing automated processing algorithms has been updated.
  • The algorithm for mosaic stitching and cutline construction on long routes has been improved.
  • The interface has been redesigned and the panel for working with document layers and forming groups has been improved.
  • Modules for working with external data sources have been improved in order to increase performance and the ability to add and edit them through parameters.
  • The performance of the logging module has been improved, new messages have been added.
  • The program's work with computer memory has been improved for the most efficient use of it.
  • The overall performance of the program has been improved and its reliability has been increased.
  • New options have been added to the IMF file format to reduce file size while maintaining survey routes and improve performance.
  • Added functions for reading and writing SHP files during multi-threaded processing.
  • New multi-threaded functions for spatial operations with polygons have been developed, which has increased the processing speed.
  • In the fire monitoring and simulation module, work with variables has been added, which allows you to run one IMC macro for various simulation modes.
  • New attribute types have been added and new methods for reading and writing them have been created.
  • An algorithm has been developed and functions for constructing and vectorizing cloud shadows have been included.
  • Added the ability for the user to customize the IMC interface and splash screen to suit their preferences.
  • Added support for GEOJSON format.
  • Added new classes and methods to the program API for creating external modules.
  • Errors in the algorithm for constructing a cutline on complex-shaped routes and fragments of arbitrary cutting in the mosaic building module have been fixed.
  • Fixed errors in the algorithm for constructing complex regions.
  • Fixed errors in reading MIF/MID files containing Cyrillic.
  • Fixed errors when working with memory in the program.
IMC (release 25.12.19)
  • Updated the functionality and interface of the table for creating and rebuilding attributes of vector objects.
  • Updated the function of displaying the graticule and rectangular grid for various display modes.
  • The module for cutting vector and raster data on a degree and nomenclature grid is supplemented with the ability to select different coordinate systems and ellipsoids.
  • The functionality of reading and processing radar data from space imagery has been updated.
  • The interface of many modules has been changed.
  • The algorithm for mosaic stitching and cutline construction on long routes has been improved.
  • The speed of working with large files (more than 10 GB) of the IMG format has been improved. An increase in the speed of working with data in the IMG format can reach from 3 to 10 times.
  • The algorithm has been improved and the interface for the functionality of stitching and obtaining otro-transformed images of routes from SCs of the "Kanopus-V", "BKA" types has been improved, which makes it possible to increase the accuracy of the internal geometry of the route and reference to control points
  • The mechanism for simultaneous display of a group of overlapping layers on the screen has been improved in order to speed up their redrawing.
  • The module for generating output graphical reports has been redesigned in relation to data of different scales.
  • The algorithm for crossing vector polygons with a large number of nodes has been improved to improve the accuracy of the result and the speed of processing.
  • New functionality has been added for automatic data processing algorithms and their launch for execution, which allows expanding the possibilities of building complex algorithms.
  • The functionality of the class for constructing graphs, managing them and their display modes has been supplemented.
  • Added functions for saving and synchronizing various data to files during multi-threaded processing.
  • Functions for reading passports of images from different spacecraft, with different sets of spectral channels.
  • Corrections have been made to the mechanisms for synchronizing multi-threaded processing in the layers and their properties panels.
  • Fixed a bug when closing documents when generating a report.
  • Fixed a bug in the functions of smoothing and generalization of polygons and lines by the Douglas-Pecker algorithm.
IMC (release 30.04.19)
  • Updated mosaic stitching module. The updated version uses a new block adjustment algorithm.
  • Updated algorithm for searching tie points on panchromatic and spectral channels. The new functionality allows you to confidently find tie points, including on remote sensing materials containing IR channels.
  • The module for monitoring fires and modeling of their distribution zones was updated.
  • Updated module monitoring and modeling of flooding zones.
  • Updated batch processing module. New version allow to use the function of visualization, close documents, as well as the use of relative paths.
  • Improved algorithm for calculating the noise characteristics of images. Changes increased the stability and quality of the calculation when setting various parameters.
  • The algorithm and interface of the image quality assessment module for the linear resolution of the images has been improved. The changes allow to reduce the time for measurement in two or three times.
  • Improved reading of passports of images from various satellites, including automatic processing.
  • Improved and refined functions of transformation and reprojection of images and spatial data.
  • Improved calculation of reverse RPC transformations.
  • Improved synchronization mechanism for multi-threaded processing of heterogeneous data.
  • Users now able to create their own variables in the settings of paths and some actions when developing automated algorithms.
  • It is possible to set some new system parameters and user defined variables values via the command line.
  • Added debug mode and interface mode for macros execution. This functionality increases the speed and convenience when creating, debugging and correcting algorithms for automatic processing (macros).
  • New algorithms for transformation of raster data.
  • Added new ortho transformation algorithm for the Canopus-V and BKA satellites images.
  • The function of reading text data from vector formats.
  • Fixed the preview object creation in cycles.
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Fixed bug when merging raster layers.
  • Fixed tables filling in the reports.
IMC (release: 12/03/18)
  • The function of obtaining meteorological data. Added new sources, as well as the possibility of detailed settings for obtaining the necessary meteorological data.
  • Updated channel calculator. Now, working with raster images, you can use logical operations.
  • Significantly increased the speed of report creation. Now it takes less than a minute to create a report.
  • Improved scaling of vector layer signatures. Now all the signatures are displayed correctly both with the signatures scaling function enabled and without it.
  • Improved stability and speed of the “Refine Binding” tool. Now complex images are processed correctly. This function is especially relevant when mixing spectral channels from various spacecraft.
  • Made general improvements in performance and stability of the software.
  • Image equalization function. This function allows you to align the brightness characteristics of the spectral channels. It is the first step in the detailed image analysis.
  • The Image Media Center has been supplemented with an improved algorithm for processing materials from the Terra / Aqua (MODIS) spacecraft, wich increases processing speed and reliability of the result.
  • Fixed the function "Color range" for working with images containing more than 3 spectral channels.