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Operational monitoring of the consequences of the earthquake in Italy for the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry (25.08.16)

29 августа 2016

Operational monitoring of the consequences of the earthquake in Italy for the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry (25.08.16)

The Center for Innovative Technologies company, in the framework of cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, carried out operational monitoring of the consequences of the earthquake in Italy.

At least 120 people were killed and hundreds more were injured in a magnitude 6.2 earthquake that struck central Italy, southeast of the city of Perugia, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said.

In addition, in the Akkumoli commune alone, 247 people are listed as missing. Currently, rescuers continue to clear the rubble and search for survivors. Most of the dead and injured lived in the regions of Umbria, Lazio and Marche.

The earthquake occurred at 3:36 local time (4:36 Moscow time) on the morning of August 24.

The communes of Norcia and Accumoli, the cities of Amatrice and Pescara del Tronto were closest to the epicenter. Tremors were also felt in Rome.

The monitoring was carried out in the IMAGE MEDIA CENTER PC according to data from the Resurs-P No. 1 spacecraft received on August 25, 2016 for the territory of the cities of Italy - Amatrice and Pescara del Tronto.

An analysis of the received materials showed that 395 objects were destroyed as a result of the earthquake.

The total area of ​​destruction in the city of Amatrice was more than 73,700 m2, in Pescara del Tronto - more than 33,550 m2.

Based on the monitoring results, a report was generated in the IMC PC, which presents the following data:

  • urban areas affected by the earthquake as a percentage (pie chart);
  • destroyed urban area in m2;
  • number of destroyed buildings;
  • number of significant destroyed objects.

As a result of monitoring, vector objects with attribute information were generated, indicating the affected areas. For a comprehensive analysis of the damage caused by the earthquake, a vector map of population density in the region of Italy under consideration was used.

The functionality of the IMC PC allows you to analyze raster and vector data in a single geoinformation space, which significantly speeds up the operator’s work and facilitates prompt decision-making to eliminate damage, which is especially important when monitoring emergency situations.

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Photos of Amatrice before and after the earthquake
Pescara del Tronto before and after the earthquake
As a result of processing, the total area of ​​destruction, the number of houses and the area of ​​destroyed infrastructure were calculated