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The first images of a planet outside the Solar system
The first images of a planet outside the Solar system




08 Сентябрь 2022

NASA has published the first image of a planet outside the Solar System taken by the newest James Webb space telescope, the agency said on Thursday (September 1).


"For the first time, astronomers used a NASA telescope James Webb in order to directly photograph a planet outside our solar system. An exoplanet is a gas giant that does not have a rocky surface and is not suitable for life," NASA notes on its website.


The four images published by the agency show the planet HIP 65426 b, a picture of which was taken by various instruments of the space observatory. The study, during which the photos were obtained, is headed by University of Exeter in Great Britain.


NASA said that the planet HIP 65426 b is six to 12 times the mass of Jupiter, and its age is approximately 15-20 million years, which makes it much "younger" than Earth, which, according to scientists, is about 4.5 billion years old. The exoplanet seen by the telescope was discovered by scientists in 2017 with the help of instruments The European Southern Observatory, part of the VLT project located in Chile.


The James Webb Space Telescope launched from Earth at the end of last year and began its scientific mission in July.


Source: RIA Novosti