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NASA has published images of the Universe from the James Webb telescope
NASA has published images of the Universe from the James Webb telescope




15 Июль 2022

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has published the first five images of the Universe taken by the newest telescope "James Webb". This was reported on July 12 on the department's website.


"NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has taken the deepest and clearest infrared image of the distant universe. The first deep Webb field is the galaxy cluster SMACS 0723, and it is replete with thousands of galaxies, including the faintest objects ever observed in the infrared range," the statement said.


It is noted that the photographs, consisting of 150 million pixels, show the light that has been coming to the telescope for billions of years.


"The information obtained with the help of the telescope provides new data on how the interaction of galaxies has evolved since the earliest stages of the Universe," NASA reported.


On February 11, NASA published the first image taken by the James Webb Space Telescope, which at that time had already created 1,560 of them. In order to obtain a single image, the specialists put together 18 randomly arranged "points" obtained as a result of light reflection by segments of an unadjusted main mirror on an auxiliary one, and NIRCam detectors.


The James Webb Telescope is a joint project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency. It was launched on December 25, 2021 from the launch complex at the Kourou Cosmodrome in French Guiana using an Ariane 5 launch vehicle. The next day, experts corrected the flight path of the telescope. The device will study the oldest stars and galaxies formed after the Big Bang, and search for potentially habitable planets. The estimated service life is 10 years.


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