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China successfully launches two Siwei remote sensing satellites

Category: English  |   29 Апрель 2022    

China successfully launches two Siwei remote sensing satellites

The Chinese National Space Administration successfully launched two Siwei remote sensing satellites into orbit on Friday. This was reported by China Central Television.

According to him, the launch was carried out at 12:11 local time (07:11 Moscow time) using a CZ-2C rocket from the Jiuquan cosmodrome in the north of the country. It became the 417th in a row for carriers of this series.

According to the TV channel, these satellites will be used to study the reserves of natural resources in China, to study the oceans, in the field of ecology, in order to digitalize the agricultural sector of the economy and to ensure public safety in cities.

Beijing is actively developing the national space program, developing meteorological, telecommunications and navigation satellites, as well as technologies for the exploration of the Moon. Chinese scientists are simultaneously carrying out a project to explore asteroids and Mars. The construction of the PRC space station is underway in orbit, which according to the plan should start working this year.

In 2021, China carried out 55 launches, setting a national record. According to this indicator, China surpassed the United States, taking first place in the world.


Source: TASS

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