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A mock-up of the "Resurs-PM" Earth observation satellite is presented at MAKS-2021

Category: English  |   20 Июль 2021    

A mock-up of the "Resurs-PM" Earth observation satellite is presented at MAKS-2021

The model of the latest Earth observation satellite "Resurs-PM" was demonstrated at the MAKS-2021 Aerospace Salon at the stand of the Progress Rocket and Space Center.


In October 2016, Roscosmos and the Progress Rocket and Space Center signed a contract that provided for the launch of the first "Resurs-PM" in 2020, the second in 2021. The launches of the devices have been repeatedly postponed and are currently scheduled, respectively, for 2023 and 2024.


"Resurs-PM" satellites, which will replace the previous generation "Resurs-P" satellites, will be able to take pictures in the visible and infrared ranges. They are designed to create and update topographic maps, control environmental pollution, monitor natural emergencies, environmental monitoring and search for oil, gas and other mineral deposits.


The Russian orbital grouping of civil satellites for remote sensing of the Earth now has only one "Resurs-P" for its intended purpose – number 1. It was launched in 2013 and has already developed a warranty service life of five years. "Resurs-P" number 2, launched into orbit in 2014, failed ahead of schedule. "Resurs-P" number 3, launched in 2016, does not work for its intended purpose and is under study by the chief designer. The fourth and fifth "Resurs-P" satellites are scheduled to be launched in 2022.


The MAKS-2021 air Show takes place from July 20 to 25 in Zhukovsky, near Moscow.


Source: https://ria.ru

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