Scientists have published unique photos of Jupiter

Category: English  |   17 Май 2021    

Scientists have published unique photos of Jupiter

Photos of Jupiter in three color ranges appeared online. Scientists from the National Research Laboratory of Optical-Infrared Astronomy of the United States, who published the footage, said that this is a unique case of triple simultaneous shooting of the planet.


The researchers presented three images. The images in the visible and ultraviolet spectrum were taken by the Hubble telescope, and in the infrared - by the NIRI (Near-InfraRed Imager), which is located in Hawaii. All photos were taken on January 11, 2017 at 15:41 World Coordination Time. As a result, scientists have the opportunity to consider new details of Jupiter.


So, in the ultraviolet spectrum, you can see the storm zone, which can not be seen in the image in the IR spectrum. In addition, in normal mode and in ultraviolet light, you can look at the Great Red Spot, which is larger than the Earth.



Fig.1. Photo of Jupiter in the ultraviolet spectrum


On the contrary, in the photo in the infrared spectrum, you can see a bright band in the Northern hemisphere of the planet. This is a vortex with a length of 72 thousand kilometers.



Fig.2. Photo of Jupiter in the infrared spectrum





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