Tests of the Russian reusable carrier rocket will begin in 2022

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Tests of the Russian reusable carrier rocket will begin in 2022

The modified version of the extralight Angara-1.2 rocket can become the first Russian reusable carrier rocket. At the moment the project is at a stage of developmental development. Tests of the first Russian reusable rocket can be passed in 2022.

The rocket of an extralight class is developed by FPI, Roskosmos and United Aircraft Corporation. Now the avant-project of the returned rocket block is complete.

"Flight tests of the demonstrator of system are planned for 2022" — the head of design group of the Fund of Perspective Researches (FPR) Boris Satovsky has told journalists.
The rocket will be capable to put payload weighing up to 600 kg to a sun-synchronous orbit.

"The scheme of work of system provides office of the first step of the carrier rocket at the height of 59-66 km and its return to the area of start with landing to a usual runway" — Satovsky has told.
At design the technological reserve of the project of the reusable Baikal accelerator was used. The rocket will be equipped with a rotary rectangular wing of big scope and classical tail plumage.

"At returnable flight to the place of start the modified serial turbojet is used" — the scientist has added.
Each operated block of a rocket will be calculated on 50 flights without replacement of mid-flight engines. Start is supposed to be carried out from mobile start-up complexes, Satovsky has added.

The Russian developers of a reusable rocket have worked several options of her shape, the deputy CEO of Ilyushin Aviation Complex for project management Dmitry Gerasimov has told journalists.

"Within an avant-project various options of configuration are prepared, aerodynamics, the weight report and other is counted. After making decision on continuation of this work we will start engineering design which purpose will be a creation of a number of flight demonstrators" — Gerasimov has told.
According to Gerasimov, having studied projects of reusable carrier rockets, experts have come to a conclusion that for Russia the most attractive is return of the fulfilled rocket in the plane way.

"A result of researches has to become the full-function demonstrator with the rocket engine which will be able to execute all cycle of tests, since start and removal on necessary height, finishing with return and automatic landing" — Gerasimov has told.
Now reusable carrier rockets only two private American companies — SpaceX and Blue Origin possess. The first actively uses them in missions for delivery of cargo to the International Space Station, the second – carries out flight tests and plans their use in space tourism.

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