Change log

IMC (release: 12/03/18)


  • The function of obtaining meteorological data. Added new sources, as well as the possibility of detailed settings for obtaining the necessary meteorological data.
  • Updated channel calculator. Now, working with raster images, you can use logical operations.


  • Significantly increased the speed of report creation. Now it takes less than a minute to create a report.
  • Improved scaling of vector layer signatures. Now all the signatures are displayed correctly both with the signatures scaling function enabled and without it.
  • Improved stability and speed of the “Refine Binding” tool. Now complex images are processed correctly. This function is especially relevant when mixing spectral channels from various spacecraft.
  • Made general improvements in performance and stability of the software.

Added by:

  • Image equalization function. This function allows you to align the brightness characteristics of the spectral channels. It is the first step in the detailed image analysis.
  • The Image Media Center has been supplemented with an improved algorithm for processing materials from the Terra / Aqua (MODIS) spacecraft, wich increases processing speed and reliability of the result.


  • Fixed the function "Color range" for working with images containing more than 3 spectral channels.